Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coincidental Service

So, today wasn't particularly good or bad, through most of the workday. Still, when I left my job at 8:00 tonight, I was glad to be goin' home. Usually, either my wife or I will call the other while I'm on my way to "check in" and see how long before I'll arrive.

But tonight, about ten minutes after I had told my wife that I'd be about another 20 minutes, I noticed the truck was riding rough. I knew right away it was a flat, but I was hoping it wasn't. I pulled over and saw in a moment that it was.

This December hasn't been very cold, by December's standards, but it was still definitely not warm. It was also dark. Add to that the fact that I had never changed a tire on this particular vehicle before, and I was not happy. So, after calling my dear wife and telling her I'd be a little later, I crawled up under the butt of the car to check on the spare.

The good news: It's a full-size spare, not one of those toy wheels. The bad news: It's tied up under the truck pretty tight, and I don't know where the tools are to get it down. After a few minutes of digging in the back seat (under it, actually) and I found them.

So, I'm lying back underneath the back end trying to lower the spare, listening to car after car drive on past. Then, I see lights surround me. I'm thinking, "Either this is someone to help me, or kill me." One final thought, "Or it could be a UFO..."

Of course, it's someone helping. He starts loosening the lug nuts while I start to position the jack.

About this time, a lady comes up and uses her modern century flashlight (her blackberry with a bright white screen) to help us see what we're doing. I didn't recognize her at first (I was focused on the tire), but she lives down the street from us, and goes to our ward. We taught her daughter in primary.

Then, while we're working, I introduce myself to the guy helping, and it turns out he also lives near my house, a street over. He just moved in, a week ago, and also goes to my ward.

So, with the spare on, we all shake hands and with my thanks, we all get back in our cars. Then, we all convoy the last 10-15 minutes back to our homes.

It was a great day, after all.

...And my last words to everyone were, "Well, now I'll have something to blog about tonight!"

Mark Hansen

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