Sunday, August 09, 2009

Family and Priesthood

So, ever since I wrote that song, I've been thinking a lot about martyrs. I finally got my copy of "The Zeezrom Syndrome", and I've started reading it. I've noticed that there are a lot of other Book of Mormon stories of martyrdom, like Abinadi.

I don't know what's driving me to be thinking about these things at this stage in my life.

Then, I pick up the Ensign this month, and there's a whole article on martyrs.

One thing in the article struck me as really interesting. It wasn't about martyrs or the Book of Mormon, though, but about the Priesthood and about family. The article was talking about how in most cases the martyrs of scripture aren't killed until after they've completed the tasks that God has in mind for them to do. In some cases, their lives are constantly threatened, but they are protected. Then when the task is done, and the Lord is ready to bring them home, he allows them to be killed.

That brings in a whole bunch of questions about the nature of freewill and things, but that's not what I wanted to go into today.

In any case, in this article it said:

"The Prophet’s father, Joseph Smith Sr., gave his son a blessing in September 1840, telling him, “‘You shall live to finish your work.’

“At this Joseph cried out, ‘Oh! Father, shall I?’

“‘Yes’ said his father, ‘you shall. You shall live to lay out all the plan of all the work that God requires at your hand.’” (Lucy Mack Smith, History of Joseph Smith by His Mother)

For me, it was one of those moments when I take it off on a tangent. Instead of thinking of the message at the moment, it occurred to me that it was interesting that Joseph Smith, Sr, would be giving his son a blessing. I mean, here is the founder of the church, and the one that restored the Melchezedek Priesthood to the earth, and he's receiving a blessing at the hand of his father. That shouldn't be interesting. It just occurred to me that it's very likely that Joseph, Jr, may well have been the one to give the priesthood to Joseph, Sr. Joseph, Jr, talked with God Himself, and angels. And yet, he also asked his earthly father for priesthood blessings and guidance.

And that's totally normal. I've done it myself many times. I've also given blessings of comfort and guidance to my own children.

It just struck me as interesting.

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  1. Just another reminder that our earthly lives - no matter our station or calling - mirror the eternal family organization. When I was an elders quorum president I was mindful of the need to respect the station of the father in a home, even if that man did not himself hold the priesthood. I made sure he understood that we viewed him as the patriarch of that home, even if he couldn't administer any of the ordinances. And they always appreciated that.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Mark!



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