Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Games of Zion - The Armor of God

I know that there are thousands of you out there than hang on my every word here at Mo' Boy, that can't wait for my next keystroke or mouse click, that find my writings so inspirational and powerful that...

...or not.

But, on the other hand, if you're one of two or three people who's been reading Mo' Boy for a while, you'll know of my on-and-off love/hate affair with LDS games.  If not, you can catch up on the discussion of LDS and Mormon themed gaming with these links

So, since I'm both into gaming, and am exploring game design, I follow this blog about mormon gamers and game designers. And Mike, the blogger, wrote about a game he's been working on that he's started self-publishing, called "The Armor of God".

It's fun for me, because, since I joined his email discussion group for LDS gamers and designers, I got to help playtest this game last spring.  That was before he got all those seriously cool graphics that make up the cards now (art done by Tony Peters).

The game had a lot of plusses going for it.

  • It was a lot of fun.  My 11-year-old son, after playing the "print-n-play" playtest version of it with me, immediately asked to borrow the cards and ran off to his friend's house to play it.
  • It learns fast, and it plays fast.
  • It includes some intriguing game mechanics that are very different from existing games.  This game, in fact, is unique and doesn't follow the pattern of simply copying an existing famous game and slapping a Mormon "face" on it.
  • The theme is something positive and scriptural.  You can't go wrong with that, right?

So, this is my unsolicited endorsement.  Mike doesn't even know I'm writing this, yet.  You can check it out at his blog, and even watch a "how to play video", and you can buy it, if you want to.  It's definitely worth checking out.

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