Tuesday, September 19, 2006


OK, folks, just like I promised….

I’ve set up a temporary site where folks can join up as beta playtersters of “Chapter and Verse”. The site includes free downloadable pdf’s of the rules and the first cardset (100 cards, based on the Seminary Scripture Mastery list).

I’d like to invite anyone who would like to, to go and help us test the game. This includes people who like collectible card games like Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, etc… as well as people who’ve never even heard of them. People who love to play all kinds of games and those who don’t. I’d really like to get a wide variety of opinion.

I’m already working on additional cardsets, so it will be a constantly expanding game. I think the core rules are solid, but there are a few things that I’m not sure of yet. That’s where the playtesting comes in.

Have at it!

And thank you!

Mark Hansen

1 comment:

  1. I am going to try this out with the kids. We'll let you know how it goes! I think it sounds like a huge success in there!



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