Sunday, November 24, 2002

Bragging Rights

Ok, I know that I’ve been praying for humility, and I know that I shouldn’t want to boast…

But today is one of those landmark days in your life that you just gotta shout about.

My first Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation!

No, not as a speaker, as a parent.

Today my oldest son sat, not with his family, but up on the stand with his primary class. I sat in the congregation and watched as the children filed up, one at a time, stepped up on the booster stool, adjusted the mic and then either shouted or whispered their memorized or prompted lines.

I’ve seen dozens of these performances over the years of my church attendance, and I’ve always had a good chuckle as I watched the parents nervously watching the kids. They’re hoping that Johnny or Suzie will remember their lines, not pick their noses, run around the podium, or do whatever other silly little kid thing that’s always so memorable.

Well, my wife had had a great time this past two weeks helping him learn his part. And throughout the last week he’d repeat it to us over and over, “I prepare to go inside the temple as I follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.” I was amazed how fast he picked it up and learned it.

But then, hey, he’s my kid, right?

And I’m sure that every parent is saying the same thing, but MY kid really is the best. That’s objective fact. There’s nothing biased about it. Right?

Anyway, so the Sacrament meeting starts, we sing the opening hymn. We do the Sacrament, and the program starts. I’m half expecting him to ask to go to the bathroom or run wild through the aisles. But he sits, content, even if a little squirmy, on his primary teacher’s lap.

I know that they intentionally put his part late in the program just to push my buttons. I mean, I wasn’t nervous, or anything. Nor was I excited. It’s just that this week I wasn’t as sleepy as I usually am about that time of a Sunday afternoon. Besides, there wasn’t a High Councilman in sight.

But finally, it was Brendon’s turn. He stood and walked confidently up to the podium, stood up, and said his line loud and clear! “I prepare to go inside the temple as I follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.” Then he sat back down as if he did that sort of thing every day.

Of course, I would never impose my will on my child’s future by speculating that someday he’ll be a great orator or college professor. Only if that’s what he wanted to be, of course. And I would never speculate that he could end up as a bishop or something like that because, of course, we never seek after callings.

With my luck he’ll end up as a High Councilman. But by then, I’ll be listening to his speeches from the Spirit World.

And I’ll probably be the only one not sleeping…

Mark Hansen

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