Sunday, January 19, 2003

An Email to Bev

As I hear back from the thousands of you who read my blog (try 3 or 4), there’s one of my entries that seems to come up quite a bit. It’s the one about Bev, my step-mother-in-law.

Just as an update for those that might not have caught that entry, she’s been in the hospital since Christmas week. She had a surgery that I think is called a “whipple”. They ended up taking most of her pancreas out and unblocking the ducts for the bile from her liver.

I discovered recently that there’s a website for the hospital, and a page of that where people can type in a form. That message is delivered to the volunteers at the hospital via email, where it’s printed out and hand-delivered to the patient. Here’s that address: Her name is Beverly Timothy.

Wouldn’t it be cool if she suddenly got lots of emails telling her that we’re all praying for her? I think it would be cool…

Mark Hansen

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