Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't Panic

I saw "The Hitchiker's Guide To the Galaxy" last night. That was some serious fun. It was, in many ways, almost, but not quite, completely unlike the book.

The beginning was a bit disjointed, but then, frankly, that's the way Adams writes. He starts his books with these drastically different situations, and by the end of the book they all tie together in very weird ways. The interconnectedness of all things...

And all things were wonderfully interconnected in the movie. I loved the way the actors portrayed the roles. They were all perfect. Especially the snivelly "Dent Arthur Dent", and the bureaucratic and officious Vogons.

The bits of explanation that the book gave were way to brief, though, and the many little bits of humor in the originals got lost a bit. The bit about the babel fish being the clinching proof of the non-existence of God, and starting lots of wars is really irrelevant to the plot, but a whopping lot of fun. I missed those.

Mark Hansen

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  1. We went to this movie, my son and I (Jay, 17) on one of our monthly dates.

    He enjoyed it, completley and has read the book several times.

    I too agree about the funny bits that were non plotfull.



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