Thursday, April 12, 2007

What an Honor!

Somebody thinks I’m worth thinking about! Or, at least that good ol’ Moboy has somehow managed to provoke an idea or two along the way… S’mee over at “Knot in the String” has listed me as one of her selections in the “Thinking Blogger” awards.

I don’t know what the criteria is, or just how prestigious these awards are, but considering how much I fish for compliments, I’m not about to turn one down when it’s handed to me!

So, to carry on the tradition, I’ll choose my five nominees (except I only chose four):

  1. A Motley Vision
  2. Baron of Deseret
  3. The Inner Dad/Woody’s Woundup
  4. From the Basement

Let’s see who these folks choose!

Mark Hansen

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