Saturday, June 30, 2007


I’m gonna start by talking a bit about the way that I make my music.

I start by writing the song. I come up with the lyrics, the chords, and the melody. It’s all just in my mind. The only thing I really write down is the lyrics, and sometimes the chords. I usually have an idea of what I want the recording to sound like.

When the time comes to do the recording, I start off with a program called a “sequencer”. I start by laying down the drums (using my keyboard) and a scratch bass line. I might also block out some chords on a piano or organ sound. All these notes that I’m playing are all stored on the computer. Later, I’ll replace a lot of these parts with more live sorts of playing.

While I’m putting down the basic drums, bass, and keys, I’m all using a keyboard, and playing the parts. I’m not exactly the best of players, so often my timing is off a little. Sequencers, however, have a function called “Quantizing”. It takes all the notes I’ve played and it shifts them to the nearest beat or half-beat. It basically takes my playing and locks it right into place.

But what I really wanted to talk about was prayer.

See, when I’m praying regularly, my life is a lot like that song in the sequencer. It’s like the praying tightens up my life and locks it into place. I feel the Spirit during the day, when I’m not even thinking about spiritual things. Suddenly, I’ll realize that the reason I’m smiling is that the Spirit is there. And that drives the direction of my life.

When I’m praying regularly and with Spirit, I find myself wanting to read my scriptures more. Not because I have a goal to finish by the end of the year, nor because someone said I had to, but because the thought crosses my mind, and I feel like I want to.

When I’m praying regularly, I start to notice things happening with my family, friends, and co-workers. I notice when they need help, or how I can move to make their lives easier. I can see what they need more, intuitively.

When I’m praying regularly, I get answers. And not so much miraculous voices in my head, but just clarity.

When I’m praying regularly, I understand how the Lord’s yoke could be easy. I understand how to have his image in my countenance. I understand what it means to wish you were an angel and could speak with the sound of a trump.

Even if all I do is blog about it.

Mark Hansen

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  1. Very true. And a reminder I am in need of right now, so thank you. I saw Sam the other night, he said to say howdy. So howdy.



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