Thursday, July 26, 2007


My biggest problem with fasting is simply that I don’t do it enough.

I mean, I know that we’re supposed to do it once a month. I also know that it’s generally discouraged to do it more than that. I know that some get fanatical about it, and fast weekly.

I’m just not that good at it. I get ornery and cranky. I forget and grab a drink or a cracker and then, “Doh!” I tend to lose sight of what I’m fasting for. I think that I end up more like the Pharisees who “put on a sad countenance to appear to fast”. I’m not so sure that I do it to appear unto men like I’m fasting, so much as I do it because going without food genuinely makes me irritable.

More so, anyway, than normal…

There was a time in my life when I fasted, and I did it for the right reasons, and in the right ways. My life wasn’t necessarily better or worse back then, but I did feel more in tune more often than I do now. I did a lot of things better back then.

I think that’s why I tackled this blog topic. I need the most help with these five things.

This last time that I fasted, we were praying to have a situation worked out where Jacob didn’t get removed from this funding program that was paying for his medicines and his nightly formula. This would make a difference of literally thousands of dollars a month, out of pocket. Since that time, the Lord has brought to us many contacts and information that has helped us in the pursuit of the issue. I’ve learned a lot about bureaucracies. No, the situation isn’t resolved, yet. Still, I have felt guided as we’ve been working on it.

I really need to fast more steadily and more often. I’m just out of practice!

Mark Hansen


  1. It's so weird for me...I mean, there are days when I literally forget to eat because I am caught up in the daily routine, chores, whatever - and I don't even notice. Then "fast" Sunday comes around and it is a determined and scheduled down to the minute event with many of those minutes focused on the clock. grrr.

    I think the key is just what you say: focusing on the purpose of our fast and finding the blessings from the fast.

    I am sending my prayers and good thoughts for a quick resolve that will insure your son recieves all that he needs and with the support your family needs. And yeah, I'll be fasting for you next time around.

  2. I fast at least one meal every week. Not out of conscious effort, mind you. I'm not a morning person and, in spite of my protestations, my Bishop and Stake President insist on holding church at 9:00 AM.

    I'm good to get up in time to get dressed, let alone have breakfast. ;^)



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