Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mitt Romney, Politics, and Religion

I read Mitt Romney’s speech over at Times and Seasons. I had tried to find it to download and listen to, but I couldn’t find a complete version.

It’s hopefull, but doubtful, that this will lay the religion issue to rest. At least not in the bloggernacle!

Still, I think it was a great speech. I like how he took a stand for separation of church and state without removal of church from state. By that, I mean that it’s important that we all have religious freedom, and that there be no official state religion. I also feel that it’s important to allow people in public service to claim religious beliefs, and for us to express our religious beliefs in public life.

I think that in an effort to not favor any one religion over the other, those that govern have made many efforts to squelch any religion at all, and I disagree with that.

Still, in practical reality, we’re talking about Christianity, here. For example, if it were this difficult to deal with the election of a Mormon, think how hard it would be for our country to elect a Buddhist. Would it ever be possible for America to have a Pagan president? What about a Muslim?

I’d like to think that if those circumstances ever occurred, I would vote on the basis of that candidate’s stand on the issues, rather than on their professed faith. In that same way, I hope that our nation judges Mitt on his merits, rather than his Mormonism. Let him stand or fall by his strengths.

Mark Hansen


  1. A Pagan President?!? What a silly notion! What then? Next thing you know they will want Pagan symbols on veteran's headstones!

    Oh wait...

  2. Seems to me we all did this back when Kennedy was a Catholic running for president.

    As far as President's being influenced by religious leaders, which president in recent history has not invited most of the major religious (US)leaders into the White House for consultations? Heck even W. has talked with Hinkley!

    Buddhism or Pagan would be a surprise, but only because we are a primarily Christian/Jewish nation. Which brings up the whole Jewish that wouldn't stir a pot!

    Still, I am amazed this is an issue.

  3. hey mark! just stopped by your blog for a visit...go mitt!



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