Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here's to You, Pres. Hinkley

The news isn't even an hour old, and already the 'net and the bloggernacle are abuzz. Not at all surprising.

President Gordon B Hinkley has died. (Just in case you hadn't heard yet)

There will be those, I'm sure, who are saddened by the news. I'm not one of them. In fact, when I first heard the news, I wanted to jump up and cheer. To me, this was great news to celebrate.

The last few conferences, you could see how much he missed Marjorie, his dear wife. You could see how much that was weighing on him. He kept pressing on in the vast work of running the church, and he kept his usual good humor with him, but you could see it wearing on the poor man.

Now, he can finally go and be with her.

There are a few readers of my blog that are not members of my faith, and for their benefit, let me explain: We believe that those that are married (we call it being "sealed") in our temples are not just married for temporal life, but for all eternity. If both spouses are faithful to the gospel and to each other, they are exalted together, and are still married in the life to come.

Well, I don't know that I can think of a man and wife who have been more faithful than Pres and Sister Hinkley. Of all of us, I'd think that they'd be the most certain of all of us to have the kind of marriage that could last for eternity.

This man has accomplished so much for the good of the church, and for the good of the world in his lifetime. And so, I say it's time to celebrate! He has returned to his Father, and can face Him with his wife in joy.

I hope that when I go, I can say the same!

Mark Hansen


  1. Very few people of any faith seem to be able to get past the selfish perspective of someone no longer being with us. Instead we should focus on that person's life and recognizing they are going on to the next phase - regardless of your thoughts of an afterlife.

    I too hope when I cross over, people celebrate whatever contributions I may have made in their lives and wish me a pleasant journey forward. I also hope all my good friends, such as yourself, will be able to come to my funeral / wake to say goodbye. I want laughter at my funeral!

  2. I too am not sad. I'm getting kind of sick of people saying how sad it is. is the most wonderful thing!!!

    I LOVE thinking of the reunion that must STILL be taking place.

    It's powerful...when you think about it!

    Thanks for your thoughts!!

  3. I've shed a number of tears, knowing they were my own selfish ones for missing Pres. Hinckley, and thinking how strange it will be to have Conference without his voice to speak to us.

    But I can't stay sad very long, because as you said, all it takes is to think of him with his beloved and dear wife, Marjorie, and I feel at peace.



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