Monday, February 18, 2008

Lost and Found!

“Lost and Found” is soon to be here!

I’m very excited. The last song of my second CD, “Lost and Found” is done. I only have to tweak the mix. From there, I get the graphics made, the CD’s duplicated, and it’s out! I’m so excited. I’ve been working on this one since “One United Generation” came out almost exactly three years ago.

Has it been that long?


I’m very pleased with the tunes on this one. Some of them are my favorites of mine. Can I have favorites of my own songs? Yeah, sure! Like “How Beautiful”, with the choir arranged by John Newman, or the driving beat of “Dance with the Devil”. There are some great tunes on this one.

Like I did last time, I’d like to offer it up to bloggers first. Kind of a “pre-release” release. Here’s the deal. If you’ve got a blog, especially an LDS-related blog, especially especially an LDS youth-related blog, I’ll send you a copy of the CD when it’s done, free. All you have to do is agree to review it with a link back to my main site. You don’t even have to promise a good review, just as long as you write it up and link. Even if you're not an LDS blogger, or if your blog isn't particularly "LDS" in topic, I'll still make the offer!

If you’re willing to do that, then jump to this page, and I’ll get you a copy as soon as it’s done (probably mid march).

Thanks so much!

Mark Hansen

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