Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Come, Come Ye Saints, a Trip Through the Net

Today’s blog entry started for me when I thought about the movie “New York Doll”. It’s a great, inspirational movie. It really got to me.

But I’d heard about how at the end of the show was a clip of David Johansen singing “Come, Come Ye Saints”. I’d heard how sincere and emotional a tribute it was, for his now dead friend, Arthur Kane (the subject of the movie). I’d really wanted to see it, and suddenly thought, “Well, duh—Youtube it!” So, I searched and found it.

And it was every bit as inspiring and beautiful and gruff as everyone had described it to me. Anyone who follows rock music history needs to check it out

Then, I noticed a whole bunch of other renditions of the hymn from a lot of different people.

This was one of the first I checked out, a violinist:

Next was this one, a little more traditional. A lady playing the song on her hammered dulcimer. I’ve always loved the sound of a hammered dulcimer and the harmonies she gives to the hymn are beautiful.

Then from the sublime to the ridiculous, these guys are just a bunch of BYUI students lip sync-ing to the version from the Singles Ward soundtrack. I do love this version of the song, but these guys didn’t really bring anything new to it.

I don’t know this guy’s name, but WOW, his version is incredible and very inspiring. Especially toward the end.

Last of all, but not the least, is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Nobody does “Come, Come Ye Saints”, like the MoTab!


  1. Wow..this was a really fun post to read and listen to! Good job. Thank you for the nice compliments in your closing remarks, too.
    God Bless - :)

  2. great collection! Terrific! (well, except for those idaho guys) thanks!



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