Friday, July 18, 2008

Songs of Zion

Live Out Loud

Looks like Deseret Book (in the form of Shadow Mountain) is picking up on the pre-teen pop craze. I just got this email encouraging people with kids from 7-13 to go and fill out a survey to help pick the cover for a debut CD from a new group they’re promoting. They’re called LOL (for “Live out Loud”) and it’s three young kids. I have NO idea what they sound like, as the CD hasn’t been released yet.

A part of me just wants to LOL, myself, and just roll my eyes. But then another part of me remembers that I had thought of the idea myself a few months ago, and I just didn’t have time to pursue it. I think it would be a blast to produce a project like that.

I also think of my two boys, and how much they'd love a cool project like this, if it's done right.

If I hear any news when it’s released, I’ll let you know.

So, FWIW, here’s the links to the surveys. One of them is for grownups to fill out, and the other one is for kids.

Grownup Survey

Kids Survey

Mark Hansen

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