Thursday, August 14, 2008

So, Modest is Hottest, Right?

I was just talking with my good friend Heather, who, with her husband, owns “Modest by Design”. They do girls formal wear, and all of it’s modest. No spaghetti straps or strapless/backless gowns here. No slits up the sides, or plunging necklines. I always have a great time visiting with them. This particular time, she had some interesting (and good) news to share.

As she was talking about how their business is going she pointed out some fascinating things. She said that many of their modest dress designs come from manufacturers of non-modest dresses. I wasn’t sure what that meant. She showed me. She found one of their dresses and pulled it off the rack for me.

No, I didn’t try it on, thank you very much…

She showed me where the hemline was on the original design, and pointed out the sleeves. They had gone to the manufacturer and said, “We’ll sell this if you make the hem longer, raise the bustline, and add sleeves to it. Make it more modest, and we’ll sell it for you!”

When they first started, they had tried this, but had been basically laughed off. But now, she says, they have the numbers (the sales) to hold their attention.

I was intrigued.

But there was more. She said that she and her husband had been working with one of the companies to expand their modest line of clothing because the company had found that three of those dresses were outselling the rest of their catalog!

With her impish smile, she said, “Who’d have thought that there are girls out there that don’t want to dress like ho’s!?”

A long time ago, I wrote:

“I know a boy
Who likes the girls sweet and pure
Who don’t have to dress to allure
They let their own lights shine..”

…And put it in my song, “He’s Out There”. Heather, actually, sang back-up vocals on it, too!

So, kudos to Heather and Eddie for making it work!

Mark Hansen

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