Friday, December 19, 2008

A Footnote on Service

Tonight I was going to blog about Orson Card's opinion of LDS music. I'd read it a couple of times and was considering a couple of angles for my posting. While I was doing that, the doorbell rang a couple of times. Brendon ran in, a little nervous because it's 11:00 at night. I was a bit confused as well. Brendon's neighborhood friends have been known to come over at some pretty heinous hours in the morning, but never this late at night.

So, I got up and put on a shirt and went to the door, with Brendon right behind. As soon as I opened it, I saw a box and a bag on the snow on our porch. The box was filled with food, candy, and a few trinkets. There was a small turkey, and a whole bunch of canned food, including some wonderful roasted peanuts that I'm eating as I type!

The bag had clothes and things for the kids, as well as a few house decor items and even a CD!

All of it was delivered completely anonymously. Brendon was thrilled, and I was, too. I even feel a little guilty. When my whole job situation shifted, I had told a number of people in my ward about it, in an effort to network and find new job opportunities. It led to a few leads, but obviously, no actual jobs yet.

Still, I think people in the ward and the neighborhood are thinking we're worse off that we actually are. We have actually done OK this month. We've tightened up our belts, but Jodi had done most of our Christmas shopping last spring and summer, when we were in much a better financial situation. So, we're actually going to be able to share some cool gifts this Christmas. Not quite as many as other years, but still a few nice things. I won't mention them, because my boy sometimes reads the blog here.

Plus, my father has stepped in and helped a bit with some car repairs that hit us last month and things. We've been very thankful for their help as well.

With some careful management, we'll be OK.

But, it's still nice to know that people are thinking of us. And the clothing and the food will be put to good use. We're not hurting so much for an actual Christmas dinner, but here in a month or so, we'll be able to pull that out of the pantry and the freezer and have it and stretch that month's food budget just a little bit more. And we'll be very grateful for that! It's just wonderful to know that we're being thought of. We're in a great neighborhood, here!

So, whoever you are, thank you! You are in our prayers!

Peanuts, anyone?

Mark Hansen


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  2. You should write more. We've known each other forever. I didn't know you were out of a job. I'm still in Afghanistan until March, but if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to let me know. It doesn't have to wait until I get back.



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