Wednesday, February 25, 2004

More R-rated Thoughts

OK, I know that at times I can let the paranoia and the conspiracy theories get to me. Normally, I’m a skeptic. But today, well… I don’t know…

I’m thinking about “Saints and Soldiers”. It’s a new film, made by LDS filmmakers. It’s done really well in the film festival circuit. It was especially praised at the 3rd LDS Film Festival.

And then it got an R rating.

Instantly, ripples swept through the ‘net. Would this kill the movie? Was it possible for LDS filmmakers to make an R-rated movie and still keep their temple recommends? The LDS film community was shocked. The producers appealed, and the appeal was denied. A myriad of articles and postings started appearing on the ‘net and in the media. Should members of the church see R-rated shows? Has the ratings board lost their minds? What really defines the difference between PG-13 and R?

Well, look at who the ratings board is made up of. Representatives of all the major studios. People who have a vested interest in maintaining their power base. People who are aware of the movement that’s starting to happen in LDS film. What better way to kill the independent movement than to give their films ratings that would alienate their own audiences.

Look at the stink that went up when Brigham City got a PG-13 rating! Yet every week Hollywood spews out some new drool that slides past that same ratings board. Go figure.


Just a thought…

Mark Hansen

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