Sunday, May 30, 2004

I don't like it when Jacob is in the hospital. Let's get that clear right up front. There's amost nothing good about it. But, once or twice a year, we have to go through it. This time is particularly difficult.

But one thing I really love about the hospital is going to church up there.

He goes to the Primary Children's Medical Center. It used to be owned by the church, but, along with LDS Hospital, is now owned by some medical care company. But the hospital still carries a lot of mormon traditions. For example, if you want to give a blessing, a lot of the nurse stations carry little sterile syringes of consecrated oil. And every time we're up there at least once I'll hear a call over the intercom for Elders.

And they have a sacrament meeting in their auditorium.

It's short, and that's nice, but the Spirit is always so powerful there. That's because the meeting is filled with people who both want to be there, and know they need to be there. People in hospitals are looking for spiritual strength, and that makes the meetings that much more powerful.

People show up however they are. Hospital gowns, wheelchairs, scrubs, jeans, T-shirts. Only those that have been called to the hospital branch presidency, it seems, is there in a suit and tie. And nobody seems to mind. We all know that Spirit is more important than dress.

Everyone sings, too, instead of just mumbling.

Outside in the lobby, they have church magazines for you to take, and a complimentary donated blanket.

It was just a reminder to me of how powerful a sacrament meeting could be.


Mark Hansen


  1. Why do you need to be at the Hospital? I spent some time there with a friend of mine, who's son has leukemia, and I know what you mean about the environment. Good luck with everything!

  2. Jacob has Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy. Kind of a double-whammy, that keeps us quite busy. Once or twice a year, he catches hold of some respiratory bug and we have to take him in for a "clean-out". It's kinda becoming part of the routine. He was in a lot longer than usual this time, tho...




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