Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How Can We Be Equal If We’re Separate?

There’s an interesting article in Meridian Magazine that’s all about how we as Latter-Day Saints interact with those of other faiths, on a more official level. It talks about Ecumenical Councils, and Interfaith Choir Festivals, and all kinds of service and activities where churches get together and celebrate faith.

It seems to me that this is an exciting time. I can remember not too long ago (mostly in President Benson’s administration), where church members kept to themselves. It seemed that there was a sense, even spoken as a directive, that we shouldn’t participate with other churches. That individual church members could be involved in community, if they chose to, but that they did so not as representatives of the church.

But I guess that’s all changing, and we’re being encouraged to participate with other folks. Now, I guess, I’m hearing that stakes actually have their own PR people. Am I misinformed? That this’s an actual stake calling?

If that’s true, then I’m sooo for it! What better way to show other Christians just how Christian our lives are? I think it’s high time the church became an active part of the world around it. A city on a hill can not be hid. Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Put on our beautiful garments, Oh, Zion…

Except in this case, our “beautiful garments” might turn out to be work clothes! From the looks of the Meridian article, much of the interfaith mingling is over service projects. What better way to teach the gospel, than to see it in action!

Another thing I like is the idea of ward and stake choirs participating in other church’s services, and in interfaith choirs and music festivals. That’s not only sharing our light, but in my kinda style! Sign me up for THAT!

Mark Hansen


  1. Very interesting. I like the interfaith music festival idea, I would attend one of those in a heartbeat!

  2. Yeah I think there is one coming to NYC soon...

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