Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bonus Mormon Legends Question:

In Elder's Quorum meeting today, someone retold that old story about all of the church members that worked in the World Trade Center called in sick the day of the airline attack. Now, somewhere in the back of my head I seem to remember a Utah newspaper article about some local families that had lost loved ones, and it seemed to me that the article mentioned that some were LDS.

I'm curious anyone within "the sound of my blog" remembers any of this, or any other version of the story, and has any personal experience one way or another.

Sometimes I wish there was a Mormon Snopes to check these things out...

Mark Hansen


  1. I do recall some Mormon deaths in relation to the attacks (I believe some Mormons died on one of the planes that crashed into the towers). While I'm not up to searching it, you can be sure that your coreligionist was mistaken.

  2. See

  3. That last comment also links to this page for further info:

    Thanks to you folks who have and will yet comment!




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