Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's Nice To Feel Alive

10/25/04 11:01 am

I'm on an airplane right now, winging back to Salt Lake City. I've been in Orlando, Florida since Friday, doing a symposium for my work.

I didn't do my presentation until Sunday afternoon (yes, sometimes we have to work on Sundays). It was all about promoting your website.

Part of what I spoke on was blogging.

And that got me thinking. Isn't it cool how empowering technology can be?

I started by thinking about blogging. About how it means you don't have to have a journalism degree and years of experience to write an opinion column and be a famous and widely read author. I mean, these days, any idiot with internet access and an attitude can start spouting off opinions. I know. I'm evidence of that.

And now that my readership is mushrooming exponentially (I think it's up to, what, 12, now?), I should consider harnessing that vast political might into something truly powerful.

...Or not...

But nonetheless, it's very exciting for me to think that technology allows me to write my blogs, record my songs, post them both to my website, and in so doing, cast my virtual bread upon the digital waters.

And it's very exciting when some of it floats back in. Like when a kid I've never met face-to-face set up a gig for me at a youth conference. Or the brothers from India that emailed to tell me hoe much they liked the song. Or even when someone simply responds to one of my blog posts.

It's nice to feel alive.

Mark Hansen

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  1. Amen, Brother Mark! It's a wonder, isn't it? That's really great that you have heard from some of the people you've reached over the web.



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