Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"...'Cuz if Ya Mind Yer Own Business, Then Ya Won't Be Mindin' Mine..."

OK, I voted.

Now, usually, I would be pretty eager to tell who I voted for. But not this year. This year has been too divisive, too intense. I know that if I say, no matter what I say, there’ll be people that’ll come at me.

I don’t mind people comin’ at me, in theory, if it made any difference. Like if I were undecided and trying to make up my mind, and someone calmly supported their opinions, I could deal with that. That might even sway me. But much of the commentary this election that I’ve read has been more vicious than years past. People aren’t so much trying to share opinions and convince others as they are trying to criticize and call names.

People have been much too much into labels and pigeonholes than the complexities of balancing issues.

Well, I balanced out the issues, and I looked at them in light of my own family’s needs, and I made my decision.

And what that is, is nobody’s business but my own!


Mark Hansen

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