Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day!

OK, here’s an idea.

You want people to get out and vote? This’ll do it.

Make Election Day a bigger deal. I’m talking a federal holiday. That’s right, a full-on, close-the bank, take-the-day-off-with-pay, fire-the-grill-up federal holiday.

And there should be celebrations with fireworks and parades and concerts. Big events that you can’t get into unless you’re wearing one of those cool little “I Voted Today” stickers.

See, I think we’ve got it all backwards. On July 4, we celebrate the birth of this nation, right? We celebrate the history of America. And I applaud that. I think that’s a great thing. But we’re celebrating an historic event. Something that HAPPENED. Something in the past. On Election Day, we’re celebrating something that’s HAPPENING. Something now. On Election Day, we should truly be celebrating what it means to BE AMERICAN. We declared our independence from a King and set up a constitutional republic.

OK, I’m going to write my congressmen.

That is, as soon as they announce who he is!

Mark Hansen


  1. Love the federal holiday idea. Parents could bring their kids along to the polls, too. It might reinforce the importance of voting...

  2. One of my co-workers from India said election day is a national holiday there. I think it should be here, too! You've inspired me. I'm going to knock out a letter to my congressman.

  3. d00d, that's a 1337 idea! ;) Really. :)

    For help in writing your elected federal and state officials very quickly, please see http://www.congress.org/ This site rocks.

    Additionally, if you want to check out their official websites go to either:

    But I personally prefer congress.org. It's user interface rocks. :)




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