Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jodi and Jacob

Guest blogger today!

Last night I got this from my wife down in Arizona. She's been sending out these reports from time to time to our family and friends who've been supporting (both morally and financially) Jacob's efforts in these classes.

Anyway, I realized that she'd summed up very nicely the feelings I've had as well. So, I thought I'd share them here.


Well it has been a while since I have written. Things have been intense here. Mark and Brendon came for a little over a week and we were swamped. We did something every day after school. Jake didn't do as well while they were here and I think the majority of it was that he was tired. We usually come home and rest a bit. Then we eat dinner and go to bed. :) On the weekends we do a little and we go swimming in a therapy pool once or twice.

With them here we just went all the time. Jake seems to be doing better this week. I am a bit frustrated because he isn't holding his head up as much. It is so hard when he goes back into old habits but then there have been times when it has been incredible. We went to see a movie yesterday and they had those little rides for the kids. They had a motorcycle which he had to reach far forward to hold the handles and then it jerks and goes back and forth. He held his head high and held on all by himself so he did well.

His walking gets better. He doesn't by any means walk by himself. He is very slow and we have to remind him to stand and often remind him to move his foot, but when we started the program I had to hold his weight to keep his body up. Now I just hold his arms at the elbows so they stay straight on the ladder he holds himself up with. He completely moves his foot forward but the conductor makes him so he doesn't cross.

I was talking to another mom and she said that it was frustrating for her when she went home the first time because although she could see so much change, the average person didn't notice improvement. This made me think about Jake. He has improved more then any other kid in the class. All of the people in the class say so including the conductors. The ones that saw him suffer to sit with help holding onto the ladder to being able to hold himself on and upright most of the time (although the last couple of days I have been frustrated because he keeps putting his head on the ladder and table). He can clap which he never did because he couldn't open up his hands enough, He can give me a big hug without me being the one to put his arms around me, He can soot from his arms and hold his head up while laying down. He can sit on the floor and hold himself up with his legs straight out for minutes at a time.

It made me think about how we take life. WE expect so much out of little time. WE feel like we have to have so much progress or it isn't worth anything. We don't look at the little things in life and realize how blessed we are to have or do those things. Ok now I am getting off on another things altogether. Sorry. LOL

Anyway he is still doing well. He is having a more difficult time wanting to go to school although he doesn't really complain he just says oh not school again. Then he wants to go. He loves it while we are there. I think he is getting tired. I know I am. I even thought about packing up today and just going home. But I have seen what a week can do and wouldn't give up that for anything. I will be so glad to get home though.

Jake has met a friend here. He is so sweet. They hug each other and can't go anywhere without holding hands. It is so sweet. The little boy helps Jake hold things and turn pages, and Jake keeps him going when he wants to give up in class. They help each other and tell each other how they are best friends. It has been so fun and I have enjoyed getting to know his mom. She has been a big support here for me. We go places together and it is fun. They left today and both boys cried and have made us promise we will see each other again. It was sad. I even got emotional. It will be hard to finish this program without the 2 of them.

I think this note seems kind of down and I apologize about that. I really don't feel this way. I guess having Mark come and he was a bit down with things and it made me think that people might think Jake is going to be running down the hallway when we get home. He will not. He has made so much progress and I really believe he will be able to walk with his walker when we get home with all of its support. It know he will be able to sit on a bench at school without the support of a wheelchair that is so much bigger then the chairs in school and he will be at their level. I am so glad we have spent the money and the time and the sacrifice doing this. It has made a huge difference for us.

Thanks for all your support


And to that, I add my thanks for the encouragement of the bloggernacle. Thanks very much.

Mark Hansen

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  1. Bless your heart, I miss my family so when I am seperated from them.

    BTW, I’d like you ask you do do as I did (here and link to the Times and Seasons thread with Alessia’s name in the link to increase the chance that a web search in her name will lead her to the story.



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