Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Secret, The Sacred, and the Delicious

I know that it’s not appropriate to talk about temple stuff when you’re not in the temple. I know that’s a true principle, and I’ve promised to keep that sacred.

But there are times when I go to the temple, and things just fill me up sooo much, and I learn sooo much and I realize sooo much that I just can’t wait to get home and blog about it all!

But I’m a good boy, so I won’t.

As I was thinking about that fact, it occurred to me what one of the reasons why might be. The temple service is the same for everyone. The same words, the same patterns, the same actions. But it’s so deep that everyone responds to it differently. Personally. Internally. If we were to leave and start talking about it, it would dilute that personal experience. Especially if I were to toss it out there to the net in a blog setting.

The temple service is God talking to Me, using the same words, but not the same impressions, that he uses to talk to everyone else.

That’s why I’m so glad that I get to go back and do it again and again and again. It really does purify me, while it prepares those that have passed on before.

At any rate, you can tell that I had a great night at the temple.

Oh, yeah! One thing I CAN tell you—

In the cafeteria at the Jordan River, Utah Temple, the chocolate cream pie alone is celestial enough to give up sinning for.

Mark Hansen

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  1. Ha! When St. Louis used to be our temple district, I thought the chocolate pudding was a manifestation of heaven on earth! No doubt it probably came from an industrial sized can and I could buy it at Sam's Club or something. That is not the point, it's that it was pudding in the temple. Practically sanctified!



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