Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Musical Testimonies

The more I think about how cool that meeting was last Sunday, and the more I read the responses that some of you have written, the more I want to get to know your songs and your stories.

So, everyone that reads this, take a moment to think of your favorite hymn, or spiritual song, and thing back to a time when it touched your life. If that alone makes you smile, then that’s good enough. But if you’re up to sharing that moment with us, post it in a comment, or if it’s longer, you can post it in your own blog, and come back her and tell us about it in a comment.

I’ve asked people about their favorite and least favorite LDS songs before, but this time I’m probing a bit deeper. Don’t just pick a tune that’s got a cool melody or a happy rhythm, tell us about how a hymn touched you.

We won’t laugh, I promise!

Mark Hansen


  1. Okay Marky Mark, I took the inititive and answered your query.

    Check out Conversations for my post, Musical Musings

    Thanks for the nudge.

  2. There was one particular Relief Society lesson a few years back about Joseph Smith. At the end of it we sang "A poor wayfaring man of grief" - all the verses. I felt like I was being enveloped by the Spirit so strongly. I cannot put it into words.

    "Come thou font" was removed from the hymn book before I joined. However, I have a cd with a man doing an accoustic version with a guitar. It is amazing and when I listen to it, I am wrapped up in my own world. It's quite powerful.

    Now, hymns aside, I've been thinking a lot lately about the songs that I find spiritual meaning in - though that may or may not be the intent of the author. One such song for me is Seal's "Waiting for you".

    "There has been no one brighter than you
    I can't deny these things that I do
    Feels like the world's at stake 'cause
    I have been waiting
    I have been waiting for you"



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