Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today and Yesterday

Hey, I'm very excited. I just put up a new song on my website, and thought I'd do a shameless self-plug about it here.

It's called "Today and Yesterday" and it's got a kind of up-tempo retro feel. It was very different for me to write it. Usually, the melody comes to me as I'm working out the words and the chords all at the same time. This time, the melody came first, with the words, and I had to fit the chords in later. I really struggled with it, because there's some key shifting going on in the verses. Finding the right chords that matched was very difficult.

But I'm pleased with the results.

I actually wrote it a long time ago, but only recently finished the recording. I don't even remember when I put it to paper.

It's all about how tough it can be to break out of old bad habits.

Check it out at the website!

Mark Hansen

1 comment:

  1. that's the beauty of your own site. Shameless plugs are more than appropriate. I'll go check it out. My brother is going to check out all your sites as well. He's the musician in our family and isn't affraid to dream big.



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