Monday, September 12, 2005

New LDS Music Podcast

Adding to the slowly growing world of LDS podcasts, there’s LDS Music Today. This one’s being done by a friend of mine that was a part of the LDS Musician’s yahoogroup, named Matt Armstrong.

First off, this guy’s an incredible singer, songwriter, and producer/arranger in his own right. And he’s decided to jump into the podcast foray showcasing both independent and signed LDS artists. Actually, all of the artists in his first episode are unsigned, although several of them have distribution deals with some big boys, I’m not aware that any of them are signed to a label.

Some of his pre-release postings on ldsmusicians implied that while he wants to give some coverage to the big boys (and girls), he’s also committed to helping the best of the undiscovered as well. He’s also said that he’s committed to presenting a wide variety of sounds and styles. I sincerely hope that he can get enough material to make good on both of those promises!

This first episode starts with Fiddlesticks, singing “The Earth Was Once A Garden Place”, which is one of my favorites of theirs. It also includes tunes by David Edwards, Stephanie Smith, Matt himself, and Wayne Burton. I’ve been listening to it while typing, and it’s really well done. Especially given that many podcasts are not the most clear of recordings. He’s got a good speaking voice, recorded well, and his banter is smooth and easy to listen to.

There are two addresses associated with the podcast, the blog, and the main site for the podcast itself.

I’m really excited by what I’ve discovered in LDS podcasting so far. Still in its infancy, I’m hoping that all these podcasts live up to their potential. The one thing that will help them most is listeners and feedback.

Mark Hansen


  1. Hey Mark, that sounds neat. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the the lastest going ons.

    You're great!

  2. Thanks for announcing this.

  3. Get your podcast publicized at



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