Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mo' Movie Update II

Since I posted my “ranking” of the current LDS movies back in August, I’ve seen quite a few more. So, I thought I’d update my list. Again, let me make my fond disclaimer that these rankings are based entirely and subjectively on my own reactions to the movies, not on any technical merits or polish, but whether or not I enjoyed it, laughed at it, learned from it, or grew personally as a result of watching it. The comments are only for the ones I’ve added to the list. To read the comments on the other shows, click back to the original post.

1. Brigham City
2. Sons of Provo
3. The Best Two Years
4. Saints and Soldiers
5. New York Doll – a very uplifting movie about a great man’s final exam
6. God’s Army 2 – States of Grace – A great film, very real, but also very very intense.
7. God’s Army
8. The Work and The Glory – American Zion – Much better story and performance than the first one!
9. Mobsters and Mormons – Not much to say about it, but that I liked it!
10. The RM
11. The Singles Ward
12. Charly
13. The Other Side of Heaven
14. Out of Step
15. Baptists At Our Barbecue
16. Pride and Prejudice
17. The Home Teachers
18. Napoleon Dynamite – Meh. Some bits were good, but pretty loosely strung together. Overall… meh…
19. The Work and the Glory
20. The Book of Mormon Movie

As an added bonus, I got the DVD of Johnny Biscuit’s stand-up routine. Man! What a show. I busted my gut lots of times, and I’ve got a lot of gut to bust! It’s where “Latter Day Night Live” wanted to go but never quite got there. Absolutely hilarious!

Agree or disagree with me, it’s all good!

...And I just have to add that I really enjoy following the scene. I honestly wish that there were less backbiting and sniping going on among those that both make these movies and those that wanna be making these movies. I like the shows. I wish the sideshow weren’t so harsh...

Mark Hansen


  1. Of all the ones I've seen, I like Brigham City the most as well.

  2. Sorry to disagree, Brigham City is a complete mess, an amateur movie in every department.

    The best Mormon movie (a movie that works, by a Mormon creative team, though admittedly not using Mormon "themes") is Napoleon Dynamite, which is simply hilarious, all it tried to be and a little more.

  3. Of your list, I have only seen a few of them. I don't know that I can rate them really. But of the ones I have seen, this is how I would rate them.

    1. Saints and Soldiers
    2. Napoleon Dynamite
    3. The RM
    4. The other Side of Heaven
    5. The work and the Glory
    6. Singles Ward
    7. The Book of Mormon Movie
    20. The Home teachers. (Lame and a half)

  4. Of the ones I've seen, these are my rankings:

    1. The Best Two Years
    2. Brigham City
    3. Sons of Provo (So funny! I almost died laughing a few times. Relatives came and checked on me.)
    4. God's Army
    5. The Work and the Glory
    6. Baptists at Our Barbecue
    7. Pride and Prejudice
    8. The Singles Ward
    9. The RM
    10. The Home Teachers
    11. American Mormons

    Tied for last: The BoM Movie and the Work and the Story. Blech on both. I can't even choose which is more stupid.

    Oh, and I don't consider Napoleon Dynamite a Mormon movie. I saw it and thought it was tolerable, but I wouldn't watch it again.



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