Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Songs of Zion, Shameless Edition

Mark Hansen
"Lost and Found"

Hello, friends! I’ve worked hard and long getting my newest CD put together. The writing and production is some of the strongest stuff I’ve done to date! I’m really proud of it, and I’m proud to announce that it’s available!

Let me run down the tunes for you (the ones with links have samples available for download):

  1. Turn it Up Matt 19:16-21 – This one’s a kickin’ rocker, opening up the set. It’s all about turning your life up a notch.
  2. Dance With the Devil 2 Nephi 28:21-22 – We don’t pray to the devil, we don’t serve him, but sometimes we dance with him a little too much. This is a heavy tune about that moment when you decide to stop the dance.
  3. Today and Yesterday Isaiah 1:18 – Another one from the “Lost” side, this one has a cool retro/contemporary feel to it.
  4. I Will Sing This Prayer D&C 25:12 – This is a beautiful ballad that builds and grows.
  5. Play the Cards Matt 25:14-23 – Everyone is dealt a hand of cards in the pre-existence. For good or bad, how we play those cards determines how well we live.
  6. Where’s My Soul 1 Nephi 8:23 – Ever have those times where you just feel like you’re missing something? Where’d it go?
  7. Torocagua Eph 2:12 – My mission was in Honduras, and I started in a little suburb of the capital called “Torocagua”. This song is a tribute to the place that changed my life.
  8. Two Houses Matt 10:35 – A mother and a daughter can’t see eye to eye. A sad but memorable ballad
  9. The Things I Do 2 Nephi 4:17-19 – Why do I do the things I do? And why do I do them over and over? And why do you still love me, even when I do them?
  10. Rejoice 2 Nephi 2:25 – One from the “Found” side of things. This one’s a bouncy little rocker about how wonderful it is to be married to my wife.
  11. How Beautiful Isaiah 52:7 – A big, powerful gospel ballad. “Your God Reigns!”
The CD can be purchased online for only $11.00 + $2.00 shipping. Or just click into and go to the CDs link.

I want to thank all of my blogger friends for reading my blatherings and for supporting me so much in my efforts. You guys are the ones that really rock!

Mark Hansen


  1. Awesome news! I can't wait to hear it, Mark. We're just heading out the door for our trek, though, so I'll have to get one from you when we're in Utah in July. See ya then!

  2. Mark - I'll be getting a copy of that after the 90-days of $2,000/mo. medications my husband is going to need after his kidney transplant next week. So save me a CD. I'll be back in July to get one!

    Congrats on finishing it. I'm proud of you and am looking forward to listening to it.

  3. Thanks for posting, both of you!

    Others that come in here might want to remember Candace's husband in her prayers. I've known Candace online for a few years, now, and I've been impressed with her dedication to LDS culture. I listened to her podcast (now on hold) a lot.



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