Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Songs of Zion, sort of...

New LDS Music Finder

I’ve recently become involved with an exciting new website called “yourldsneighborhood.com.” It’s primarily an advertising site for LDS-Member-oriented products and services, but it’s also got a lot of cool blogs, interviews, and other features.

One of the features that I’m particularly excited about is one called “The Jukebox.” This is a growing collection of indie LDS artists. As a visitor, you can login, listen to, rate, and comment on the songs listed there. This is exciting primarily because this is being spearheaded by Greg Hansen (no relation, unfortunately), who is a major player in the LDS music industry. His idea is that producers looking for songs and artists can come here and see/hear who and what is new and great. If the public comes in and rates the songs, they can check that as well and see if an artist or song already has some traction with potential buyers.

Plus, you get to hear and sample a lot of great music.

Now, unfortunately, this system is still in beta and so it’s a little clumsy to navigate. So, here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to The Jukebox.
  2. Click “Join the Jukebox”, and fill out the form. It’s free.
  3. Login
  4. When you’ve logged in, you’ll see some grey tabs across the top. Go to “Rate Music”. Then you can check on the ones that are already rated high, as well as do a search and see the whole list.
  5. Click on a song title. If it doesn’t start playing immediately, click the play button on the player. Read the lyrics, the comments, etc…
  6. Click the “Rate This Track” link in the upper right hand corner, and give it a rating.

Now this system will work better and better as more and more people use it. I’d love to encourage you, of course, to give my songs a good rating. Obviously, I’d like to promote myself. But keep in mind that the system is designed to give honest feedback to producers. So, if you don’t like a song you hear, either give it a bad rating, or, better IMHO, don’t comment at all.

Those that are running the jukebox are talking about making a compilation CD available with the songs that end up with the highest ratings, so, forgive my shameless plugs, but I’d sure appreciate it if you good folks gave me good ratings!

Also, I’m going to be going through and doing my own ratings of songs I hear, and I plan on reviewing, here in Mo’ Boy, some of the good tunes I hear. I’d also like to encourage you to go in and give them good ratings too, again, if you like them.

Most of all, just give the system a spin, and see how you like it.

For starters, here are a couple of recommendations:

“Tempted” by Julie Keyser

This one has a really cool minor key groove. It feels contemporary, almost R&B, like a girl group with a hot dance track behind it could really take it places. The current recording is really just a demo, however, so you have to listen with a bit of imagination. But the lyrics are strong and the melody’s hooky. It’s really great!

“Today and Yesterday” By Mark Hansen

Yeah, that’s me. Like I said, I’m not above shameless self-promotion. This is probably my favorite from the new CD “Lost and Found”. It’s got a hooky modern/retro groove and possibly the best mix and arrangement on the CD. Check it out!

Mark Hansen


  1. Hey Mark, y0ou should check out At the End of All Things (http://www.myspace.com/attheendofallthingsatl). They're an indie/rock/emo band from Atlanta and they're 75% LDS.

  2. Thanks. I checked the myspace out, and wow, they're great! Mormon emo. Whoda thought it? Would that be called Momo? :-)

    Hey if anyone else reading this knows of myspace or other bands that have mo members, let me know!




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