Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why You Don't Do Genealogy

I was digging through some old papers and I found a page that were some notes I used to give a talk on genealogy. Right at the top was my list of the ...

Top Ten Reasons for Not Doing Genealogy!

10- I prefer to live in the future, not the past
9- I'm always getting shushed in the Family History Library for giggling at all the funny, old-fashioned names.
8-I feel that my ancestors deserve some privacy, now that they're dead
7-I can barely put up with the relatives that I KNOW of...
6-I'm looking for my royal lineage, and I keep finding cattle rustlers and horse theives.
5-I get real nervous when my wife says, "Wow, honey! They had twelve kids!"
4-I get real nervous when my husband answers, "But sweetie, that was because he had three wives!"
3-I can't even remember my own WIFE's birthday, much less my great-great-grandmothers!
2-I start out at and within minutes I'm watching Weird Al videos on YouTube!

And the number one excuse for not doing genealogy:

1-Knowing my relatives, they won't make it to the Celestial Kingdom anyway!

Mark Hansen


  1. Hey, there's some good ones in your list. I'd heard a couple of the before, but I like the part about three wives. (Not saying I'd like three wives... just liked chuckling about it.)

    The list I'd seen also included the excuse, "My Aunt Fern already has all that stuff done." The funnier part was that my wife really does have an Aunt Fern who keeps track of nearly everyone's genealogy. The first time we visited her after we were married, she immediately whipped out the ol' Book of Remembrance and had my information written down through as many generations as I could comfortably remember.

  2. Your list is hilarious! I can relate on so many levels: we DO have twelve kids, (but with only one husband and one wife-what an adventure!); we, too, can barely stand to be in the same room with some relatives; we can hardly remember our own kids' birthdates and even NAMES, let alone our ancestors'.....and the royalty in my line is really quite questionable; colorful characters! Still, it can be fun to do and habit-forming - hey, habit-forming things aren't maybe we shouldn't do it!!!!

    I love your list! Thanks for being brave enough to post it!



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