Monday, September 01, 2008

The Songs Of Zion

Can Mark Rap?

From time to time here here in Mo’ Boy I’ve reviewed various LDS rappers. I’ve even lamented that there seems to be a lot more going on in LDS rap these days than there is in LDS rock.

Be that as it may, there’s one of these guys that I’ve actually had a chance to meet face to face on a number of occasions. That’s Clayton, AKA Arhythmatik. Great rapper, great guy.

At the fest, someone asked about that name. When I said it was his stage name, they asked, “What’s his real name: Social Studies?” We all got a good chuckle over that one. Of course, you’d have to spell it funny to make it work. Hmmm…

“Soshul Studeez” …?

Anyway, about a year ago, as I might have mentioned in one of my many blogs before, he and I started collaborating on a rock/rap hybrid tune called “Shine the Light”. The original intent was for me to create the basic track, and sing the chorus, and he would rap the verses. But after he sent me the first verse, he suggested I rap the second verse. I was hesitant, but he encouraged.

I felt totally out of place, but I gave it a shot anyway, and in the long run, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Anyway, after a lot of technical back and forth, with him adding something and then me adding something else, I’ve finally finished the rock mix of the tune! I’m so stoked. It’s available at my site, on the music page for free download.

Arhythmatik is also still working on a more hip-hop mix, and I can’t wait to hear that. Collaboration is so much fun!

Mark Hansen

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