Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 – What's the Word?

I've been contemplating what I want to improve on this year. In that process, I started to make this list of all the things about be I want to fix in the upcoming year. Here's the basic list, as it got started:

1.To be healthier
2.To be less grumpy
3.To be more grateful
4.To be more frugal
5.To be more musical
6.To be more spiritual
7.To have Jacob be healthier
8.To help Jodi and Brendon be more content
9.To be a better provider
10.To be more in control
11.To be a better chef

It went on and on. The futility of that exercise struck me pretty quickly. There is simply no smegging way I'm going to be able to do all that and still maintain my sanity.

I remembered a blog I read a while back, where the lady (Christine Cane) suggested that instead of setting a new year's resolution that fails, instead you choose a word that will be your focus in the upcoming year. You think about that word, you do things that strengthen your connection to that word, and in the end, you're much better at the end of the year, instead of wondering whether or not you achieved a fixed goal.

So, I'm thinking about it, and I'm considering a few words, and I'll pick one by one week from this post. Here are my ideas:


It's an interesting concept. I could explore, throughout the year what that word means to me. I can explore it both in thought, and written word, and, of course, in action. I'd like your input. Tell me what word you'd like to focus on, and which one you think I should choose. Just pop it into the comments.

Mark Hansen

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