Friday, January 02, 2009

Moving New Friends

I had kind of a strange experience tonight. I got home, and got on my computer (I've not been able to access the internet from home for a long time, so tonight was pretty exciting!). I checked my email first, like I always do. There was a message from my Elders Quorum President that a family was moving and could I come help.

I looked at the family name and the address. I didn't recognize either one. Even still, I want to help out and get me some good karma goin' on, so I bundled up and went over.

I got to meet the family and a few of their cousins and in-laws that were helping doing the move. They had pretty much finished, and only had one roomful of stuff left when I got there. Still, I was able to help some.

But what was strange to me was realizing that this family was a part of our ward, and they'd lived in that house for probably about six months. And here I am, shaking their hand and meeting them for the first time the night before they leave the ward for good.

They're really nice, a young couple with one toddler daughter. He's getting a better job in St. George. And then they're gone!

Kind of a shame...

Mark Hansen

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