Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mo'Boy Strikes Again!

OK, it's been a while...

...But it's time to dust of the Mo'Boy Doctrine again.

Here's the story. At an elementary school, the PTA showed a video clip where various stars (half of whom I didn't even recognize - a sign of old age) pledged to be of service to their neighborhoods, their country, and the world. While most of them said things like they pledge to turn out the lights they're not using and to not bring home their groceries in plastic bags, or to get to know their neighbors and be kind and nice people, there were a few that pledged to support stem cell research and one who specifically pledged "to serve Barak Obama".

Now the Utah Eagle Forum is up in arms about it. Such horror. Left-wing propaganda being shown to our impressionable children.

Once again, it's time for us to not get so bent out of shape.

First of all, for the record, out of "the horse's mouth" so to speak: Here is the video in question:

Now, having watched it, I, personally have a few thoughts.

1--The principal should have previewed it before showing it. Whoever is in authority, and responsible (a classroom teacher, the principal, etc...) should preview EVERYTHING they show. They should then decide if it's appropriate or not, and then stand by their decision.

2--I think this video is pretty innocuous, myself. Most of the people said pledges that I think everyone should take to heart: caring for neighbors, not being so wasteful, etc...

3--However, I do think it probably shouldn't have been shown. I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the republic for which it stands. In extension, I believe that every American should show a certain amount of support for the president, at least the office. I refuse to pledge allegiance to any one mortal man. I voted for Obama. I voted against Bush. They have both made policy judgments that I have agreed with and disagreed with. I do have a certain amount of respect for both of them.

So, my point is, the guy pledging to serve Barak Obama was over the line for me. That's just me, though.

4--Parting shot: I wonder, if the video had been of Glenn Beck and other conservative talk show hosts pledging their support for conservative causes (even moderate ones), would the Eagle Forum have complained about the "overt politicizing of our children"?


I pledge to serve my country in the way I see best, no matter who leads it. And that includes exercising my own personal rights to speak out in my blog and in the halls of my state legislature and any other forum that I can.

In the meantime, let's all try and work together, and make a nicer place, like the vast majority of the pledgers in the video said.

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  1. um, much of what was "pledged" were things we -as upstanding LDS folk- were asked to "do" in the last General Conference. Be nice, smile, stop flipping people off, grow some of our own food and recycle, consume less, meet the neighbors, vote and stand up for what *we* believe in...

    Yes it was said by kindly gentle voices in a tone that begs the Spirit to heed, but the message (to me) was the same.

    On the other hand, is this any different than the speeches on the newsreels (too young? google it) and other propaganda we were "forced" to watch in elementary school pledging we would keep an eye out for commies, etc.

    We as LDS folk know and should understand personal moral agency and are "forced" to watch all kinds of crap everyday just by walking around the planet. The end of the video suggests *the kids choose* to pledge something, anything, *they* get to choose. By choosing to be a better person they can make a change, and thus support the President.


  2. A couple of thoughts:

    - It's pretty easy for the uber-rich to make these pledges. I wonder when the last time was any of them had to actually make a decision about paper or plastic.

    - I suspect the pledge to "support the president" only extends to certain presidents. No one should ever pledge allegiance to a particular man. That is when comparisons to certain cults of personality become valid.

    Before I get accused of being anti-Obama, I should point out here that this is the sixth president I have served under. I challenge all these celebs to make this same pledge when the administration changes.

    As for showing this in schools, I'll ask the same question I posted on a Libertarian blog about a similar subject: Just what exactly do you expect from our government-run school system?

  3. Thanks to S'mee and Victor for responding. You both touched on things that I was trying to express.

    I feel that even as we might disagree with specific policies, we should offer a certain level of support for the office of the presidency.

    Even as a Mormon, when I speak of the prophet, I choose to follow him in his role as the prophet.

    I feel that we shouldn't pledge to support a particular man. Except the Savior.



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