Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Border Crossing

A couple of my good internet friends came into town last night, and I was quite sad that I wasn’t able to see them.

Steve and Brad a few years ago formed an acoustic duo named “Border Crossing”. They chose that name because they lived in two towns just across the Idaho/Oregon border from each other. Barely ten or fifteen minutes away, but still in a whole other state. Since they had to keep crossing the border to rehearse, the name came to them.

Anyway, they’re a part of the newest wave of LDS musicians who are not “LDS musicians”. In other words, they’re very devout in their religion, but they don’t beat you over the head with it in their songs.

I first met Brad in the late summer of ’99 when, as a lonely LDS musician in northern Idaho, he created an email group, looking for others. What he found were that there were lots of them, and the list and the camaraderie grew.

I was actually one of the first to join up, so I’ve been there over the years. If you’re also an LDS musician or know one, go to the group website and check it out. Join up, contribute, you know…

These guys have been kinda quietly working on a studio CD for quite a while, now, and I’m very excited to hear it. About a year ago, they recorded one of their gigs and put out a limited edition live CD, cleverly titled “Border Crossing Live”, and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

They’ve got some mp3’s on their site from the CD.

I think my all-time favorite song of theirs is one called “The Other Way Around”. It talks about testimony and belief and shows that, for some people, “Seeing is believing” and for others it’s “the other way around”. It’s a gorgeous song, just a single guitar with vocals.

Anyway, they were playing in Provo last night, and I had to work. So, I hope they come back soon so I can hear them again!

Mark Hansen

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