Monday, December 23, 2002

My Boys’ Gramma

My boys’ gramma is in the hospital today.

I call her that mainly out of respect for the wonderful bond she’s built with them. Technically speaking, she’s my step-mother-in-law.

Ever unable to have any children of her own, she contented herself over the years with spoiling the grandchildren that her husband’s kids had brought her. She married into the family a few years before I joined it, so I’ve always known her as “Gramma Bev”. She and my father-in-law also spent a lot of their retirement years raising foster children for the state.

She’s really dedicated her life to serving others, almost to a fault. In fact, Dad is having quite a difficult time dealing with her being sick and down. He’s been waited on hand and foot for so many years, he’s not sure how to deal with it.

Anyway, today she’s in the hospital having some pretty heavy surgery. The doctors suspect that she has pancreatic cancer. If that’s the case, it’ll be looking pretty grim for her, as I’m told that this kind of cancer spreads rapidly. We were told that after this surgery, she’ll be recovering in the hospital for as much as several weeks. She’s been pretty much down in bed for almost two months, now.

So, while I’ve been sitting here working at my computer, I’ve been glancing my thoughts back to her and praying for her.

I’ve been praying for her recovery, and that might be a selfish thing to do, for myself and my boys, but it’s interesting how “Thy will be done” takes on a new meaning when you have to actually mean it. I want her here, to live and survive, and be a part of the family on earth. But if God wants here there, I have to accept it. He’s not gonna keep her here just because I want it.

Anyway, if anyone reading this is of the mind to take a moment to pray, think of Bev and ask Father to do what’s best for her.

And ask Him to help all the rest of us through whatever that is.

Mark Hansen

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