Tuesday, December 17, 2002

A New Song

There are a couple of different ways that the Spirit moves me.

One is where I get this tranquil feeling of peace and contentment. It’s a kind of swelling from inside that tells me that everything’s going to be all right. It often comes to me when I’m troubled or stressed and praying really hard for something.

Another is the kind that fills me with energy. It grabs me and lifts me up by my shirt and shakes me and makes me want to move. It makes me want to jump and do something, accomplish something, make someone happy.

Well, I had that second feeling come over me today, and it came out in a new song.

Well, kind of new. The basis of it is a guitar riff that I came up with literally years ago. I knew that it would be something busy and bouncy, but I never really knew what to set to it. No lyrics ever came for it, as many times as I dusted it off and tried to work it out.

I think that the Lord saw that I needed a boost in my music somewhere. He might have looked down at me and said, “This poor boy’s mopin’ way too much. He needs a little jolt!”

So, I’m sitting there playing the guitar riff good and loud, and a melody comes to my head. Then suddenly it’s words, too. And they’re nothing deep or profound or laden with subtle and clever imagery. Just simple, and clear. Just as they poured into me.

I love it when I can get songs like that.

Here it is:

Here in Me
Words and music by Mark Hansen
12/17/2002 12:51 PM

What is this fire I feel
It’s light is bright and real
Here in me

Darkness is scattering
No longer mattering
Here in me

Here in me is soul brand new
Turned inside out by the Love of you
Here in me is a heart that’s burning bright
Here in me

What is my life to be
What will become of me
I can’t see

I know that if I fight
Reaching up to the light
I can see
What’s ahead of me


What good would it do locked up inside me
What good would I do to hide it there
My empty cup is filled to overflowing
And it’s spilling Spirit out into the air
And its here in me

Mark Hansen

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