Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Very Touchy Subject

Ok, on eBay, there’s people that are posting LDS garments for sale.

Now this is a very touch topic for me. On the one hand, that enrages me. It’s clearly something someone is doing just to get the Mormons riled up. And it’s working. There’s all kinds of discussions running on the net as well as email petitions aimed at eBay to force the seller to remove them. So, a part of me is really getting upset about it.

Then, another part of me is wanting to just be quiet about it. I mean, the symbolisms of the garments are sacred to us as Members of the Church. While it hurts us to see them trivialized by cheap gimmicks like that, it also is not something that we want to make a row about. We don’t talk about the symbols out of the temple itself. It’s THAT sacred.

On another hand, we do wear them underneath our clothes. That means that they’re underwear. We do that so that they are with us, close to us always. They remind us of our commitments to God on a daily basis.

Or do they?

That’s the question that this whole issue raises with me.

Day in, day out, I wear them. I put them on, I take them off and change them like I would any other piece of clothing. With all that constant contact, I admit I don’t think as much as I should about the sacred symbolisms in the clothing. I don’t think about the blessings that were pronounced on me as I wore them the first time, if I were faithful.

So, are they sacred to me or are they just underwear?

I hope I can refocus where it should be.

Mark Hansen

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