Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When is Cheating Not Cheating?

OK, this is a little over the top.

Apparently, according to this report, Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko's wife has spelled it out. She’s heard of the sexual escapades of NBA players on the road and she’s standing firm. She’s drawn a line in the sand. And that line is drawn at once a year.


Yep. Apparently she’ll allow Mr AK one dalliance with another woman each year, but no more than that!


You can say all you want about how that cheapens marriage, Just like Britney Spear’s 2-day whoops, and President Cinton’s “inappropriate relationship”. I’d even agree with you.

But the columnist goes on to point out some real dangers. I mean, what if your wife were to offer you the same thing? Some guys might think that it would be the ultimate birthday present. But let’s be real here. This is really the ultimate minefield. Step carefully. Back up slowly retracing your steps, and noone will get hurt. Too much.

I mean, this is worse than, “Does this dress make me look fat?”, or “Who do you think is sexier, Tyra Banks or Jennifer Lopez?”. Guys, let me warn you, this one is even more loaded than “If I died, would you ever remarry?”, which is then, of course, followed up by, “No, seriously, who would you choose?”

Guys, we all know the right answers to these questions.

That’s right.

Run, screaming, while you still can!

Mark Hansen


  1. Sick and wrong, man.

  2. You are a smart man! No one has you fooled. We women may say one thing, but alot of times we are thinking another. Sad but true, It's just the psychology of the beast. Survival of the fittest. We are hoping that someday our main man will learn to read our minds. Who knows. It could happen.



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