Sunday, September 02, 2007

Closing Up The Top Five

Even though I’ve enjoyed this last series of blog posts very much, I’ve had a hard time with them as well. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been slow getting these posts written.

These have caused me some deep introspection. Possibly a good thing., but not always easy. As I’ve written my thoughts on each one of the topics, they’ve all rang hollow. And in the emptiness resounded the single thought, “You’re not doing that very well, you know”.

It made me feel very hypocritical. Fortunately, I’ve long believed that we are all hypocrites, on some level. We are all imperfect humans trying to live a perfect gospel. And in the process of sharing our thoughts on how it should be lived, we realize that we’re not always succeeding in it. That means we’re not living up to our own Sunday School lessons. And that’s not an easy realization to face.

It makes me think that rather than being called an “Active Mormon”, I’d rather be called a “Practicing Mormon”.

…Because if I keep on practicing, maybe someday I’ll get it right!

Mark Hansen

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