Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If Only...

Gary, in his blog at the One Man Mormon Blues Band, wrote a thought that really struck me. I’ve rolled it over and over in my head, and every way I look at it adds meaning.

“If people only understood how little it takes to please me, they would give me more.”

My thoughts:

  1. One of the reasons why I have a hard time giving toys and things to my kids is that it’s never enough. They’re thrilled to get it, but within a few minutes, that initial gift has led to another demand. Only one pack of Pokemon cards? Now I need a whole deck! Etc…
  2. Lately at work I’ve been lobbying and working for the guys on my team to get paid more. I’ve made some good progress. But rather than seeing it as good progress, I’ve been frustrated that getting final approval is taking so long.
  3. A long time ago, I read a book, called “Taran Wanderer”, by Lloyd Alexander. A young man takes a journey through a fantasy land and meets many interesting characters. One of the more fascinating of them was a guy who had nothing, but he felt lucky. Every little piece of discarded scrap he encountered was a treasure, and he found a use for it. He’d build it into his house, or adapt it to his farm, he even wore pieces of it as armor when the time came to protect his country.

Maybe if I didn’t demand so much, didn’t require so much, I’d get more.

Maybe if I was more grateful for the things I got, I’d get more.

Maybe if I recognized the things I did get, I’d realize that I already get a lot.

Mark Hansen

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