Thursday, October 25, 2007

Five Years!

I was checking out my archives here at Mo’Boy the other day. Sometimes I like to play the “What was I thinking a year ago?” game. It’s so much more pleasant that the usual “What was I THINKING?” game I usually play.

Anyway, I noticed that my first ever posting was on October 29th, 2002. That means that I’ve been blogging here for just a few days under 5 years!

That’s a long time in the bloggosphere. It’s a very long time in the bloggernacle. But I’ve been at it, and though at times I’ve not been as prolific as others, I’ve never let go. It’s just too much fun. Yeah, it takes time, but I really enjoy it.

Let me pick a few of my favorites:

Those are my picks. What are yours?

Mark Hansen

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