Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Elections, Part II

Well, I can’t start a story and then not finish it, now can I? The unofficial votes for Eagle Mountian are in.

The guy who admitted to Real Estate fraud lost by a big margin to the lady who’s supposedly “in bed with” the developers. We’ll see how she governs, but I’m actually pretty optimistic.

One thing that’s interesting about it all. There were no claims of “party affiliations” in this election. Nobody was Democrat or Republican. However, there were a band of three of these candidates, one for mayor and two for council that called themselves “Keepers of the Promise,” indicative of their fight against the evil developers. All of them ended up polling at the bottom of the lists. One, of course, was the mayoral candidate that admitted the fraud. Another was a lady (candidate for city council) who failed to report a “personal loan” given to her by one of the developers. I kinda felt bad for the third guy. I think he got dragged down by the other two. Still, when you hitch your wagon to a star that’s falling, that’s kind of a bad choice.

Another thing I found interesting is how low the numbers were. The winning mayoral candidate got 1500 votes or so. The loser, only 500. That means that only about 2000 people voted. Our city has a rather bizarre demographic. The total population is about 20k, and the average age is 13. There are a LOT of young families with little kids. Our primary has three classes for the 5 year-olds, and there aren’t enough 12-year-old boys to field a full team of deacons to pass the sacrament. I think this is the only ward I’ve been in where the youth program presidencies and advisors actually outnumber the youth. My point is that I’m not sure exactly how many of the population of our town were eligible to vote. Add to that the fact that many people are recent move-ins, and so they would have had to re-registered.

But still, only 2000 people voted? That’s sad.

Anyway. Like I said before, it’s all done now, and we get to see just how well anyone lives up to their rhetoric.

Mark Hansen

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