Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it a Sin to Enjoy Church?

OK, I know I'm going to rot for eternity in the fiery abyss. I know it. And what happened today was just proof.

See, today was the first day in a very long time that I actually enjoyed going to church. I even looked forward to it. I was excited about it.

Last week, My wife and I were released from primary.

That meant that today, for the first time in almost a year (Pretty much since we moved into this ward), I got to attend Priesthood meeting. I got to sit with adults! I got to speak of grown-up things.

Then, I actually made a new grown-up friend. After that, I met my wife and we sat down in the grown-up Sunday School class, where we discussed grown-up topics in a lesson I didn't have to prepare. with people who didn't need treats to behave.

Look, the kids in my class were cute. And frankly, they were mostly well-behaved. They were even fun most of the time.

But for once, it was nice to not be supervising someone. It felt great to just be a part of the discussion. It felt great to think about the things that were being taught.

I know that there is no greater call than to teach the children of Zion. I know they are our future. I know I should find joy in serving wherever the Lord calls me.

But at least for today, I'm thankful we were released.

So, for that, at least... I know I'm goin' ta hell...

Mark Hansen


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed the calling while you had it. And now, you look forward to new opportunities.

    Great job! Teaching Primary is a big job. I think a little relief is certainly in order.

  2. Hey Mark!

    Ok, I haven't talked to you in a while, and I forget how funny you are! I just have to say, been there, done that.

    This is the first year in my entire adult life that I have been to a whole year of "Grown-Up" classes at church, and it really has been so very nice.

    (I guess i will have to get some tank-tops, cuz I must be goin ta hell, too.)

  3. Ya know, I think there'll be a lot of us there... :-)




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