Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Final Bit on Brendon, Jacob and the Grizzlies.

Not long after that last post, my family and I were sitting in a Chinese restaurant having dinner. As we were winding down, an elderly couple that had been sitting near us came over to our table and asked my sons, ?Are you the boys that were on the news the other night??

It was fun to watch my boys light up with excitement and bask in their moment of fame. The couple talked about how the clip had touched them and how nice it was to see them be so close. Of course, the clip never showed them fighting or arguing (which they do, but not really all that much).

Then at church on Sunday, people kept coming up to us and sharing how much they enjoyed that show. My boss texted me when he saw it.

I've gotten a lot of other responses through the emails as well. Here are some cool excerpts:

"Mark the video on your boys was wonderful. It brought me to tears. Your sons are so awesome and I feel blessed to have met them a few times." That was from a musical friend who?s helped us with our annual LDS music fest. My wife always brings the boys out for the evening show each year.

A really great lady, who owns Modest By Design, said, "Mark, I am sitting in my office bawling my eyes out. That was amazing! You can tell that you and Jodi have done an amazing job raising two wonderful kids, and that they are just huge spirits. What a cool thing for them to get to experience! Thank you for sharing that, I really needed it this morning."

Kathy Aiken, who produced and narrated the spot, has been corresponding with Jodi. She told us that she was touched by them as brothers and so decided to focus the story on that aspect of their lives. "so good to hear from you...and I'm sorry to hear about Brendon. I think it's hard to make all of them feel special but we can only do the best we can! Obviously you have a unique situation, but Jacob adores Brendon and I hope tonight's story will make him feel special. I'll be sure to wish him Happy Birthday and I can't wait to share it with the audience! And as far as being in tune, there are some stories I do that when it's all done I know they weren't my words. I've had several of those experiences where I've been prompted to write things that aren't in my usual vocabulary and I'm so grateful to have those times. I only hope that these 4 stories will bring some type of happiness to the children because they have so much difficulty in life. I hope to hear your reaction and give the boys a hug for me!"

And this from Adrian Denny, one of the Grizzlies players: "Hi Jodi, just wanted to say hello and hope that all is well. I really enjoyed the story last night and wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to meet you and your great boys! Please stay in touch and let me know anytime you guys would like to come to a game or just stop by the rink! The two Scott's and Travis are still talking about how much fun they had that day!"

So, it's been very exciting to hear back from so many people and see that Brendon and Jacob made so many people smile for a minute or two. Thanks to all that responded!

Mark Hansen

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