Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Songs of Zion

General Conference’s Greatest Hits
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, with Special Guests

Most of the time, when I’m in here reviewing musicians, and their CD’s and songs, I’m dealing with the indies, the edgier side of LDS music. Today, I’m talking about the Mo’ Tab. The is no musical group in all of LDS music that is more mainstream than they are. Their performances in the conferences twice a year set the bar, the standard, and the model for church choirs all over the world. They define what LDS worship music is. Ya can’ get mo’ mo’ mainstream than that!

Yet, I’m a big fan. I love to hear them sing. Their arrangements and execution are always incredible. There have been many years where, as inspiring and instructional as the talks are, the music has been more memorable and more impactful to me.

…And now, I can fill up my iPod (or whatever) with it!

At a page in the website you can now download mp3’s (as well as other media) of the musical performances of the choir!

Some of my favorites: The reverent and tranquil rendition of “I Know that My Redeemer Lives” is amazing, as is “I Need Thee Every Hour”. The more rousing ones, like “Rejoice, The Lord is King”, are great, too. Some are more straightforward arrangements, some are more innovative.

A bit of a headsup, some of them, like “High On the Mountain Top” are covered with the announcer’s voice. I just deleted those when I listened.

It’s pretty exciting news, to me, a musician and ward choir director.

Mark Hansen

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  1. Mark, my sis s'mee says I should contact you about a project we're working on. It's not about music. But it's kind of a secret. COuld you email me? Thanks!



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